China in Photos – The Modern Toilet

15 03 2012

Where to the Chinese hip teenagers go to hang out on a  rambunctious Saturday night?

Well, I’m still not sure of that, but I found myself in the toilet – a Modern Toilet, that is. This Taiwan-based restaurant chain has recently come to China to introduce its doo-doo shaped cuisine to the locals – and it’s become quite a hit.

Ranging from the toilet-based seats to the mini-urinals used to serve drinks and cocktails and squat toilets for other dishes, this restaurant evokes a range of emotions – hunger frequently not being one of them.

Restaurant Sign

The Thrones Are A-Waiting

Some customers do appear more constipated than others

Happy customers


The food is served in appropriate containers. Stew is delicious!

This game is called - "Guess the Ice Cream Flavor"

This joint is particularly popular with young Chinese teenage girls... and me.

So, as you’re looking at all of this, you may be wondering – whose idea was it to start this? According to Wikipedia, Owner Wang Zi-Wei, an ex-banker, stated that his inspiration for the bathroom themed restaurant came from a robot character from the Japanese cartoon Dr. Slump who loved to “play with poop and swirl it on a stick.”  Ahh, gone are the days of good ol’ meaningful Russian cartoons 🙂



3 responses

16 03 2012

What about smell? Is it also appropriate?:)

16 03 2012

Я бы не смогла пойти в такой ресторан кушать 🙂

20 08 2013

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It helpfull, thanks you so much

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