China in Photos: Some Food is Best Served on a Stick

29 01 2012

One thing that the Chinese are known for is not letting any food go to waste. An admirable quality, indeed, it does lend to some interesting food choices.

Hidden in the alleys of Beijing, near the Tiananmen Square, there are a few streets that are known, quite simply, as Snack Streets. During the day and night, people flock to them for a snack and a bite to eat.

And, of course, vendors happily cater to the crowds with choices of their best dishes – generally, all served on a stick for your convenience (and to think that the best we’ve come up with in the U.S. in that regards is a corn dog!).


Tarantula. Fried.

Not sure what this is, but I know that when I see one in my house, I get a slipper ready.


No comment.

Snakes. Make for a great soup.

Grasshoppers, I presume!

More scorpions.

I'll let you know what this is, as soon as I sort out where the head and the rear are...


Bat up close and personal.

90% chance that this is a Gecko. Just basing it off what I've seen in the Geico commercials.

Starfish and sea horses.


One for the road!



5 responses

29 01 2012

ujas, nadeyus’ ty el to, chto tebe khotelos’. 🙂

30 01 2012

Nuuu – tak osobenno ni kto menia ne zavtavlial vsiakuh zhuchkov tam est’ 🙂

Although, there was a case when I was in a taxi and the driver stopped by a street vendor and got a back of something. He offered it to me and I took it without looking. It tasted like a fried sugar cookie of some sort. It was only when I reached into the bag for a second one that I noticed that it actually had legs 🙂

30 01 2012

I can’t belive that you tried this!:)

30 01 2012

Can you bring some of this over? I would love to try these things, any of them!

30 01 2012
Alex M

wow i just completely lost my appetite.

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