China in Photos: Maglev – Levitating Train of the Future

30 01 2012

China’s rail network is quite impressive. With over 90,000km of rail across the country, it is one of the most cheap and convenient ways for people to travel. In fact, rail travel plays such an important role, that the Chinese government just approved a $292 billion investment into the network to take place over the next 10 years.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that China is also paving the way with some of the most unique trains in the world. While many of them are already high-speed trains, reaching a cruising speed of 300km per hour, some of them are taking it even further with magnetic levitation trains capable of doing 430km hour (about half the speed of a Boeing 747).

The magnetic levitation trains don’t go on rails, but rather they float above ground and are pushed forward by electrical magnets. One of these trains is located in Shanghai, connecting the downtown area with the airport on the outskirts of town.

Take a look – train arriving into the station. Certainly feels like something out of the future!

Train on the approach to the station

Clocked 430km/hour!



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