Kyrgyzstan in Pictures: Fountains of Bishkek

31 07 2009

Bishkek is probably one of the greenest cities I’ve ever encounted. It’s peppered with parks – large and small – where families and couples come out, to enjoy the warm weather and have some ice cream. But, if parks themselves are not enough, it’s also home to dozens of fountains throughout the city that attract large crowds in the evenings.

In the center of the city, on the main square, they’ve recently built a set of singing fountains that can give the Bellagio in Vegas a run for its money. Synchronized to classical and national music, with multi-colored lights giving it a disco-effect, they draw thousands of people every night. And for a good reason – it is a beautiful sight.

See for yourselves:




But to do the fountains their justice, it’s best to check out a short 30-second clip:




One response

31 07 2009

Hey Boris
Have you tried marking out your travel on a map of the world to see if it spells a word? I tried with mine the other day and so far I can spell “ OOPPS!”.

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