China Musings – Looking Up

7 03 2012

Imagine that you wake up in the morning, look outside the window and there, you see the sky covered with a milky shade of gray. No clouds, but no blue sky either. Just a muddy milky cover stretched over as far as your eye can see.

Then during the day, you step outside the office or the factory where you work to go for lunch and look up. Only to find the sky indistinguishable from what it looked like earlier that morning.

And then the evening falls – but there is no sunset to accompany it. It simply gets darker, as if somebody is turning an invisible dimming switch on the entire sky.

And the next day, it repeats. In fact, it is the same thing every day for around 10 months of the year due to the pervasive smog that hovers over the city, refusing to let go. Only during the brief summer months, the sun makes an appearance – as if to tease everyone under it.

When having lunch with a factory manager the other day, he mentioned that he’s traveled once to California for a bike show. I asked him what he thought of the place. After thinking about it for only a moment, he responded: “I liked it, you could actually see the blue sky.”



One response

8 03 2012

is it man made smog or just weather

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