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Originally, this blog was created to keep a record of my first major trip that I took in 2007 – 3 weeks in South America.

Little did I know that after that trip, something within me got switched on and pushed me to travel more and more.

I’ve been called a big talker before. So the way that I see it, this is just an extension of it. A way to tell the story without actually being able to do it face-to-face.

Today, this blog begins a new chapter – 7 months work/volunteering stint in Central Asia as a Kiva Fellow. Stay tuned.

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18 03 2010
Pearl Forss

Hey there,

i’m a documentary producer from Singapore, and as i was surfing for Kyrgyzstan, i came across your blog. Coincidentally, like the Brazillian film makers you were working with, i’m also doing a whole series on development. The focus is not on micro-finance, but micro finance is one of the areas i am covering.

Anyway, i wanted to get your recommendations on organizations to contact in kyrgyzstan, and major outstanding poverty issues there.

if you don’t mind, can you email me back, and i can share more info on the docu, and you could perhaps give me some pointers about kyrgyzstan? Thanks!!!!

12 07 2010
Vijay Mehrotra

HELP! I am wondering if you might be amenable to me printing postcards to distribute at Burning Man 2010 that have one of your pictures on the front of it (the top picture of the Man burning in your BM 2008 blog – I just think that is a fabulous photo!). Please let me know as soon as possible – thanks in advance for your follow up!



17 07 2010

Go for it!

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