Holidays at Humo – February 23rd

25 02 2009

The micro-finance organization that I’m working for – HUMO – has a very friendly, family-like feel around the office. Even though, it has over 120 employees (40+ of which are in the Dushanbe office) and everybody is very professional, they are not ones to let a holiday go by without a celebration.

Yesterday (depending when I post this) was February 23rd – Den’ Zashitelej Otechestva (Day of the Defenders of the Homeland … Soviet style).

Festivities begun even before you entered the office. When I got to the building, I was greeted by a boombox blasting the army songs of a Russian rock group – Lube:.


Inside, the men were treated to culinary delicacies. Although, personally, I’d prefer some shish-kebab or something a little more serious, I suppose that cupcakes are manly too… in their own way.


A few days prior to the holiday, the marketing specialist was walking around taking pictures of people. He claimed it was just to test the camera, but his plan was suddenly discovered in the lobby.




I think that the most ironic part about the day was that, as people were congratulating each other with the holiday, every time somebody approached me to wish me good fortunes, there was a slight pause before they did so. I suppose it’s understandeable – after all, the day celebrates the achievements of the Soviet army against the agressorts – America being one of them 🙂

Towards the end of the day, the staff gathered downstairs for some contests and games. For example, the ever-popular, “draw a perfect woman using nothing but squares, shapes and circles and  we’ll tell you what kind of a person you are.” As you can see, we have some talented arti sts on staff.



Happy Holidays!




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25 02 2009
Andrey Milyan


Good to see you’re having fun. What about getting some actual work done? 🙂

This is interesting. The thing is, the Red Army made some achievements not only against the Americans but also against the future republics, in most cases forcefully incorporating them into the Soviet empire. That includes Central Asia too. I can tell you for sure that there were no celebrations in Ukraine on Feb 23 and I doubt that Lithuanian found something to celebrate either.


P.S. You look good in the uniform 😉 You should consider enlisting just for that.

25 02 2009
Andrey Milyan

And many of the pictures have American soldiers depicted on them, on Feb 23 (including your own, with the Black Hawk helicopter, currently in operation in Iraq and Afghanistan, in the background). Given that we’ve invaded the country next door, your fellow HUMO co-workers don’t seem to see a problem there. Sorry, can’t help but analyze these things. Call it the curse of the social scientist.

25 02 2009

Guys –

I think you both need to stop looking for underlying (almost subconscious) reasons for people’s action. Feb 23 has been (long ago -since ’91) transformed to mean “Muzhkoy den'”, or “Den’ zashiti otechstva”. While you could argue that the name stems from old Soviet-propaganda, it lost its meaning by now.

And, Andrey, you’re wrong… read up (As Freud put it “masses are unintelligent” – people just don’t think beyond celebrations; only politicians and social scientist like your self do) :

25 02 2009

Be aware that next Holiday to celebrate is March 8 – Mezhdunarodnyi zhenskii den’:). I see you have girls in the office:)

25 02 2009

Bora/Andrey – Keep in mind that March 8 is really an evil plot for women to take over the world. You should be prepared….

4 03 2009

It is not an evil plot for women to take over the world, Gosha! But I bet that they do take it very seriously there, so you should probably be prepared to get the women at your work something (like chocolate) =)

4 03 2009

But I didn’t get any chocolate for Feb 23 🙂

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