Amateur Home Videos – Straight From New Zealand!

24 01 2008

I just had a chance to sort through some of the videos that we recorded throughout the trip but haven’t had a chance to upload it because of the slow connections. So here you go:

NOTE: Before you watch our videos, I highly recommend that you watch the 3-minute commentary by Lewis Black on his trip to New Zealand. It’s funny, but completely true.

Our Videos:

New Zealand – Sleeping in the Rain
We wake up to find out that the rain is dumping on our tent; everything is wet and cold; and we have to get out and start biking!

Our Sad Hitchhiking Experience
In the spirit of adventure, we decided to park the bikes and hitchhike for a day. Unfortunately, the experience turned out to be less romantic that expected.

Our First Live Coverage of NZ On a Ferry
We bring you almost-live, top-notch reporting straight from the waters of New Zealand. Ahh, look how happy we are… it was right before we started biking.

Milking a Sheep
So, we milked a couple of sheep. Nothing wrong with that… right?

Shaving a Sheep
… and then we shaved a sheep. If I lived in New Zealand, I’d probably be a professional sheep shaver. ANYA SHAVING

Figuring Out Where To Go …
We just got into a much-anticipated town (store, 3 houses and 5,000 sheep) where everything turned out to be closed. So, now we’re deciding on where to go next and where to crash for the night.

Getting Out of a Cave
I wonder how smart it was to go into a cave after heavy rain… but either way, we came out victorious and quite happy.

Hiking in the Nelson Lakes
Pretty views, but you can’t hear me speak… so it gets a lower rating πŸ™‚

We Just Got a Car
After we returned the bikes, we rented a car in order to drive 1,000 miles to our airport. I think this was the happiest day of my life πŸ™‚ We showed those hills!

These are the two videos that I posted in an earlier post:

Fixing The Bike

Hiking in Arthur’s Pass – Avalanche Peak




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