Finita La Comedia

11 01 2008

As hard as it is to believe, we’ve actually made it to our final destination today – Queenstown! In light of these wonderful circumstances, I’ve wanted to share some interesting statistics about the trip so far:

Total Distance Covered by Bike: 727km (but maybe I can round it up to a 1,000?)

Most Distance Covered in 1 Day: 110km

Lowest Speed: 4.3km/hour (those hills 😦 …)
Highest Speed: 63.7km/hour (those hills :)!)

Average Weight Carried: 52lbs (plus panniers) composed of 35lbs gear + 3 liters of water + 6 lbs of food a

Total Biking Accidents: 4 (including flats, falling off the bike, etc.)

Total Power Bars Eaten By Me: Between 60-80 (3+/day and I’m still hungry…)

Amount of Water Consumed in a Day: 3-6 liters each

# Of Times We Had to Explain Our Trip to Others: Between 30-40 (at least once a day)

# Of Showers We’ve Had: 4 for me, 2 for Anya (just a rough estimate)
How Often We Complained to Each Other About Other Person’s Smell: Every Day

# Of German Tourists We’ve Met: One too many…

# of Flights It Takes To Get Here & Back to the States: 9 (4 here and 5 back)

# of Sandfly Bites We Got: At least 30 each
# of Sandflies We’ve Killed: At least a 100 each and counting!

I had more, but as I was writing this, my computer decided to restart, effectively deleting everything. So, I’ll add more as I recall them.

Now, that we’re in Queenstown, we will be returning our bikes, as per the rental agreement. We were originally planning to do a 3-day hike in the Fiordland National Park, but unfortunately, most of them require at least 4 days and an advanced booking (unlike most parks, this one is so popular, that you need to reserve it in advance!). Plus, I am recovering from a cold a few days ago and Anya got food poisoning, so we’ll take it easier in our last few days.

So, we thought about it and decided to spend our last few days doing something we tried to avoid throughout the trip. We’ll rent a car and explore the South area of the South Island on it before making our way to Christchurch in order to catch our flight. I guess we’ll become regular tourists now!

I’ll do my last post in a few days before coming home. See everybody soon!





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