Go through the Gates of Haast, Do Not Collect $200

8 01 2008

The only thing worse than going to sleep wet and cold is waking up in the morning wet and cold. Especially when you know that you have a tough day ahead of you…

Today, we needed to challenge something called the Haast Pass. Its the lowest point in the Alps that has a road going through. The aborigens used that path years ago before the road was actually built to access to the West Coast.

Lowest point or not, when it begins with a bridge called Gates of Haast, you’re in for for a steep ride. I definitely think that it was one of the most difficult hills we ever encountered. Towards the middle, we wound up stopping every 5-10 minutes because it just drained all of our energy going up.

We spent about an hour going up and then, fortunately, the road started to flatten out. Another hour in and we finally reached the Haast pass. Of course, what goes up must come down, so the ride down was quite enjoyable – with the speedometer clocking out at 63km per hour 🙂

The rest of the day went pretty well. We actually made a few stops along the way, swam in a lake, and finally reached our destination at around 6pm – over 80km ridden today!

Tonight, we are camping in luxury – at a campground with a shower and a laundry. I’ll be honest, I never truly appreciated the value of a good shower until now. It surprises me that after just 3 days of riding, we can walk into a store and we notice how people around us just start to walk in the opposite direction. Nor was I aware that after a week of wearing the same 2 shirts and 2 pairs of socks with no laundry, your clothes start to stand up on their own. Ahh, the little lessons of life 🙂




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