Not quite waterproof after all

7 01 2008

Its funny – the previous night I finished writing an email to my parents about how great the weather has been over here. Mostly sunny with just one occurrence of rain. As I was walking back from the campground’s computer to my tent, I felt a little drizzle.

When I woke up at 3am, it was because the rain was literally pounding on our tent with a force to be reckoned with. I just had one brief thought in my mind on whether or not I remembered to close the panniers (bags that hold our stuff on the bikes), but I remembered that I put them under the tent’s raincover and then I fell back to sleep.

We woke up at 6am because we were supposed to check out the glacier before we left, but the rain was still strong. I asked Anya how she would feel about an extra one and a half hours of sleep, to which she happily agreed, so we went back to sleep again.

At 7.30, I woke up and opened the tent door. Rain was still so strong, that our rain cover was completely displaced. My panniers… Ohh, man, my panniers were filled with water in such a way that some of our stuff floating in there. One of the books that I had there abrosrbeed so much water that it expanded threefold! Turns out that even the best waterproof bags don’t work very well when they are left open 🙂


When we started biking later that day, it was as if we went into the shower with all of our clothes on. We got wetter than I can ever imagine being.

However, amazingly, it not only didn’t affect our biking, but it wound up to be one of the best riding days so far. We only covered about 50km today, but they took us through deep tropical forest, waterfalls, and beautiful woods. The gray weather just made things seem more dramatic, so it seemed like we were riding through some enchanted forest. Its strange, but the worse the weather is, the more enjoyable it is to actually ride.

After a few hours, the weather started to clear up, so by the time we reached our planned campsite, the rain stopped.

At a campground, we met a bunch of other tourists – most from Germany. Its funny, but it seems that every evening, we wind up explaining our trip 2-3 times, as everyone seems so intrigued by the bikes. We already got the whole pitch down, so when a new person approaches us, me and Anya just look at one another briefly to see who will handle it this time.




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