From now on, I’m planning things out in advance!

6 01 2008

In the past, for every trip I took, I tended to plan things out. This time around, we wanted to play things out by the ear and see how it pans out.

The problem with something like that is that you wind up to be more susceptible to little problems and get little surprises all the time.

Today, we got one of those surprises. Our original plan was to move south towards Queenstown, then return the bikes, take a flight from there back to Auckland (about 1500-2000km away) and then fly back home.

So, this morning, we went online to buy a ticket back from Queenstown. Imagine our surprise when the original price of 180 dollars went up to 400 plus! We checked a few other nearby cities and there were either no tickets at all or the price doubled.

Finally, we managed to find a decent priced ticket from Christchurch – a city on the east coast, around 500km away. Looks like we’ll need to cut our original plan a day short, rent a car at Queenstown and drive to Christchurch on our final day. It’s not actually a bad thing, as it should wind up to be pretty interesting, as we’ll get to see quite a bit… Plus, I always wanted to try driving on the other side of the road. But there is definitely a lesson to be learned there.

We’ll have about 300km to bike in the next 4 days (which will bring our total to about 750-800km for the entire trip). However, those will be some pretty difficult days, as we’ll be ganing a lot of elevation very quickly.

In one example (place called Haast Pass), we’ll be ganing over 400 meter elevation over a course of about 5-10km. Even on our topgraphic map, it looks scary πŸ™‚

Today, we got to Fox Glacier (took a shuttle here). We’ll just be spending one night here, as tomorrow, we’ll continue our biking trip to Queenstown – our final destination. Interestingly enough, in Fox, we’ve just randomly ran into a whole bunch of people that we’ve met along our trip. Just a bit amazing how small the world is… or maybe it’s just that everyone is moving to the same final destination.

We finished up the day by getting a few drinks in a local cafe. Life is good!

A few more pictures from today’s hikes:




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6 01 2008

“or maybe it’s just that everyone is moving to the same final destination” – Yikes! Such philosophical ruminations …. it must be the crisp mountain air sending much more oxygen to the brain than you normally get in the smog of New York! πŸ™‚

6 01 2008

We are glad you having good time and getting more experience.
Just keep in mind you will remember this trip for the rest of your life.
and one more thing: ” dorogu osilit iduschiy”. Try to read.
Good luck.

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