Hiking in Arthur’s Pass National Park

5 01 2008

Its so strange to write about tbe last few days because things have actually gone smoothly for once! It’s just plain unusual not to be stranded somewhere or break something or run out of something.

The last few days we spent in Arthur’s Pass national park. We took a shuttle here from Greymouth, as the 2 hour drive each way would’ve taken us 4 days to do by bike. However, strangely enough, as we were riding here in a bus, both of us were actually yearning to get back on a bike again, as it just becomes a completely different experience. I guess we just needed a short break to get a bit rested and now we are ready for more.

We were camping for a few nights in a lovely valley with no one but the sandflies and mosquitos to keep us company.

During the first day, we’ve done a few short hikes. I think the pictures would describe it better than I would.

On the second day, we went on a pretty challenging full day hike called the Dead Ma… just kidding, called the Avalanche Peak. The hike took us to the top of 1,700 meter mountain peak. We gained over a 1,000 meter elevation within 3km distance, which means that we were pretty much climbing up the entire way. Half of the time, you needed to use both legs and arms to get yourself up.

Once we came to the first peak, we continued to walk along the mountain range. Back in the visitor center, they warned us that this hike is not for those who are afraid of heights and you could quickly see why.


As you’d move and navigate through rocks, they would suspiciously shake and crumble under your feet. On both your left and right sides, the mountain went down at a steep angle. It really took all of your energy to keep looking at your feet and not to the sides.

Once we reached the top, we got to meet a couple of other people and a whole bunch of mountain parrots called Keas. Those little bastards actually played a trick on us. Two of them were posing in front of us for pictures, while another one sneaked up from behind and stole a whole bag of cookies from one of the people that we met at the top.

It’s funny that we think of them as entertainment to us, while I’m beginning to think that we’re more of a show to them.




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