Brief Update – January 1st

31 12 2007

Hey everyone,

Finally got into a town that has more people than cows and got a chance to access a computer. I posted the journal from the last few days – haven’t had too much time to write too witty or anything like that, but if you’re interested, it’s all there. Every painful kilometer 🙂

Will try to post again within 5-6 days.

Happy New Year Everyone!

p.s. If you subscribed to this via email, there are a few more posts that I backdated to the previous dates, so you may not receive them via email.




3 responses

1 01 2008
Alex Y

Dear Borya, happy new years, so far so good, keep up the good work!!! hang in there. remember pedal w/ your mind not w/ your legs.

1 01 2008
Alex Y

p.s Dont forget to party once in a while. Get a little, just a bit before u go to sleep…It could help you sleep better??? ur bday is coming up. Treat yourself…on me

2 01 2008

Hey Borya, s novim godom!
Where are the pictures??? The stories are really interesting but we want to see some pictures of you, Anya and NZ too.

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