Yeah, we might’ve underestimated a few things.

30 12 2007

 The day started bright and early at 6am. After getting everything together, we got ourselves on the road.

The first 5 hours went smoothly. The road was flat, we covered over 70km, saw a whole lot of cows, sheep and wineries (which unfortunately was flat). However, at about 1pm, the sun was getting to us, so we decided to stop for 2 hours for lunch and rest (and a nap for me).

Big mistake! When we pulled out of the shaded area at 3, the sun was scorching hot and the wind picked up and started blowing directly at us.

When you have to pedal as fast as you can to go downhill and you hover around the speed of 5-9km uphill, you really start to question things and your judgement that got you into this in the first place.

The entire way took us through rural country, so there were places to camp, as everything is private property and most importantly no place to fill up on water. Throughout the day, we each went through 3-plus liters of water and we were running low on it.

After we did an exruciating 23km in 3 hours, we finally noticed a campground near a river and we decided to call it a day. Overall, we covered 93km today which is pretty good. We’ll see how things progress.


Tomorrow, we decided to start early – wake up at 5am to make sure we are on the road by 6.30am. It seems that with every passing day, we go to sleep earlier and earlier. After 10 hours of biking, you just don’t have energy to do much in the evening except have dinner, setup a tent and call it a night.




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3 01 2008

Looking good!

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