And So It Begins…

29 12 2007

 Today we woke up at around 5ish in the morning. The night before was a bit eire. When we decided to camp out near the central park, we figured that it would be a good, safe place. We hid our tent and bikes well within the bushes – away from public eye.

However, as we were going to sleep, we heard footsteps on the outside. We held our breath to find out exactly what it was and the footsteps approached even further… And then stopped. For the next few moments, you couldn’t really hear much although it felt that someone was right next to us. Fortunately, when I peeked out the tent and yelled out “hey” in my threatening tone :), no one was around.

In the morning, all of our stuff was still in place. So either it was all a figment of our imagination or the bum or whoever it was, just moved on.

We caught the ferry later on and spent a few hours planning out the plan for the next few days. Once we arrived to Picton, we started cycling with a great goal of doing 100km that day.

Well, 100km may just be 2 inches on the map, but when you are going up a steep never-ending hill at a speed of 8km per hour, things gain a different perspective. Of course, when you race down the same hill at a speed of 48km per hour (best feeling in the world), it makes it a bit more worthwhile.

Unfortunately, those downhills also got us in trouble, as Anya had a bit of trouble on a really sharp turn and fell off. It didn’t seem to stop her though, as a few minutes later, she was back on the bike.

At around 8pm, after doing 56km, we saw a campground and decided to crash there for the night. What a great decision that wound up to be!

On the campground, there was a group of people hanging out at a NZ-style KSP. When they saw us, they immediately invited us over, poured us a cup of vodka, gave us food and really made it into a great night.

6am wakeup tomorrow – we’ll try to do 100km then!




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