The Land of the Long White Cloud – Here We Come!

23 12 2007

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been over 4 months since the idea of New Zealand has been originally proposed and it’s even harder to imagine that tomorrow we’ll be beginning the trip. I still remember how I told Anya that our original trip to Morocco may not be working out and she (jokingly, I think) suggested that I come to New Zealand instead. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

This trip is unusual because this is the first time I’ve ever taken a vacation and had absolutely no idea what to expect from it. On a typical vacation, virtually every day is planned out for, the itinerary has been carefully researched, and we know exactly what to expect (more or less) from our time there

This time, we have a plan for the first 4 days. We know that we have a flight tomorrow. We know that after 2 days and 4 flights (around 23 hours of actual flying time), we’ll wind up in Wellington, New Zealand where we’ll pick up our bikes. And we know that we have about 20+ days to bike about 1,000 miles around the South Island, wind up in Christchurch to return the bikes and then get home. But what will happen in between? Well, read the blog and find out!

Just to give you a little background information about the trip.

New Zealand is divided into two islands – the North and the South. Originally, we planned to start in Auckland (North Island) and bike all the way to Queenstown (the most south/western point on the South Island). Then, we realized that since we were planning to do some hiking along the way, we wouldn’t be able to do this in just 3 weeks. Which is why we decided to simply circumvent just the South Island.


A couple of people have asked me what we’re bringing on a trip like this. Looking at my backpack right now, it seems full to its capacity, although I personally feel that this is the lightest I’ve ever packed.

Primarily, we’re bringing our camping equipment – ranging from tent to sleeping bags to water filters and a stove; biking gear that I’ve accumulated here – such as lights, helmet, tools; various first-aid stuff (I hope I still remember my CPR & First Aid class from three years ago :)); and just a bit of clothing (most of it I’ll be wearing on the plane, but we also got a few spare shirts, a good windbreaker, etc.).

At least, we don’t need to bring bikes with us, as we’ll be renting them once we get there. We got this beautiful machines reserved for us:


So, yep, that seems to be the gist of things. I’ll try posting at least once or twice a week while we’re there – depending on how often we’re passing through towns with Internet access.

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Thank you for reading. Until next time!
– Borya




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24 12 2007

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