Get Ready, Set, Pedal – Cycling Through New Zealand

12 11 2007

All righty – this blog has been sitting and becoming pretty dusty from the last South America blogumentary from almost a year ago.

But, since tonight marks exactly 6 weeks until I (along with my fearless friend – Anya) be on the airplane on our 21-hour flight to New Zealand – The Land of the Long White Cloud – I have decided to slowly bring it back to life.

For those of you whom I haven’t told about the trip, we are actually going to New Zealand for 24 days (well – it winds up at around 21, since the other 3 we spend in the air and airports) to travel and see the country on bicycles!

A few people have asked me so far – why exactly are you going to be doing it? What normal person would voluntarily get on a bike with 40 pounds of camping and hiking gear and spend 3+ weeks cycling through the country, living in a tent, and hiking through mountains during breaks.

It’s a good question. One to which I haven’t even formulated a real answer to. I’m sure that the trip will be one of the most difficult ones I’ve ever done. I’m sure that on numerous days – when we’re going to be climbing yet another steep hill while it’s windy or rainy – I’m going to ask myself the ultimate “and why exactly am I doing this?” question. I’ve already asked that myself on several hiking trips that I’ve done this year πŸ™‚

But at the end of the day, I am truly looking forward to it. Being completely self-sufficient and self-reliant for a few weeks, being able to travel through one of the most beautiful countries in the world and actually see it for what it really is (as opposed to seeing it out of a car window), and doing something challenging for yourself should wind up to be very rewarding.

Over the next few week, I’ll post a little more background information about our planned route, our equipment and anything else that may be of interest.

Thanks in advance to those that read the blog – it makes writing it so much more enjoyable!

– Borya




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9 12 2007

I don’t think I ever told you this, but my grandfather (my dad’s dad) made his fortune in New Zealand from about 1890 to 1920, when he moved back to England, married my grandmother and settled down and had a family. I don’t know much about his adventures there or why he even travelled there in the first place, but he was in the ANZAC army during WWI (I have his pay book from his army days which is a very cool thing).

And another little-known fact is that I could have been a Kiwi. My parents emigrated to Canada after WWII but had planned to just have a “look see” before travelling on to New Zealand to settle. They liked what they saw in Canada, however, and since my Mum had cousins in Edmonton, they decided to stay there instead and voila! I was born in Canada instead of New Zealand … well, of course, I might never have been born if they had gone on to N.Z. … the Q would certainly have something to say about the Continuum and The Ribbon of Time would probably be involved …. hmmmm ……

And the last connection between me and New Zealand … well … sort of …. my Mum’s uncle lives in Tasmania (well, at least we think he’s probably not still alive … he wasn’t much of a correspondent and now all his siblings have long gone as well, we don’t hear anything from that way)

Have fun in New Zealand and we expect to have lots of blog entries to peruse and tons of photos … if you get really desperate and need help, I know hard-core Christians in Wellington that will get you out of a jam and will probably only try a little bit to convert you hehehehe (and before you ask, they’re NOT my friends, but are friends of friends – I try not to be hard-core anything LOL)

10 12 2007

Hard-core Christians?

I’ll definitely keep that in mind.


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