The End Of The World (As We Know It)

1 02 2007

We left Punta Arenas at 5am last night and got to Ushuaia – the Southernmost city in the world – at around 7pm.


In the morning, WAMM drove us to the airport where we had a long and tearful (yeah, right!) good bye with the group.

They left and we went into the terminal where we were informed that our flight was delayed. Evidently, they later told us that most 2pm flights in Ushuaia get delayed – god only knows why.

So, we had about 4 extra hours to kill. It was a bit problematic since we had a connecting flight in Buenos Aires at 9pm and this didn’t really leave us with a lot of time to transfer. But, as we were warned, time moves differently in South America.

We headed into town where, of course, we ran into everybody. They were quite a bit surprised to see us, truth to be told.

We just spent a few hours walking around, picking up souvenirs, and getting some food. Then we said good bye to everybody yet again and headed to the airport.

After another hour and a half delay, we finally left. We landed to Buenos Aires about 10 minutes before our flight to JFK was supposed to leave. Leaving Alex at the baggage claim, I ran (as the wind) to the American Airlines counter prepared to ask them to hold the plane.  There, I was informed that the plane is about to leave and there is nothing they can do about it.

They did agree to put as on a different flight, but by the time we were deciding, the seats dissappeared. Finally, after extensive search, they found a standby flight to NY through Miami that was leaving in an hour. Taking our chances, we paid the extra $150 “change fee” and ran to the terminal.

Fortunately, we got the seats and 12 hours later, we were in New York – just 3 hours later than originally expected.

So, there you go, fellow readers. That concludes the South America – Patagonia Express Trip 2007.





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