Closing Up Shop

30 01 2007

So, last night, me and Alex came back from the Internet cafe at around 1am in the morning. The rest of the people went into a bar, but we decided to take it easy, so we didn’t join them.

Earlier that day, we had to select one of the two options for the next 2 days. Either to drive today to Punta Arenas for 15 hours to see a Penguin colony and then drive for another 15 hours tomorrow to get to Ushuaia or drive directly to Ushuaia, get there a bit early and spend some time there before we leave. Unfortunately, the decision was made to go to Punta Arenas.

The problem with that is that it’s cutting really close to our arrival to Ushuaia and limits the amount of time that we spend there. In fact, we will be arriving there late tomorrow night, camping, and then in the morning, the truck will probably drive us to the airport.

Anyways, we got up today at around 4am and spend the bulk of the day on the truck. The Penguin Colony that we were expecting to see actually left a bit early for the season, so there were very few of them left. But they were still adorable.



We spent about an hour there and then headed to the hostel.

The hostel is actually quite interesting. It’s run by an ex Opera singer from Croatia and just seems to be a converted house. It’s pretty cozy, though, so we are enjoying it. We came out to see the city for a few hours, but it seems to be a pretty shady place. Plus, in this area, the wind gets so strong, that you have trouble walking against it. Many of the trees here are actually bent from being under a wind current all the time.

* that’s Des from our group holding up the power cables so that WAMM could pass

Tomorrow morning, we got a long journey to Ushuaia. We are getting up at 5.45 to catch a ferry that will take us through a part of the way. Depending on how much road we cover, we may spend the nigh camping in the middle of nowhere and catching the flight in the morning. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post again before I come back, so I’ll see you all at home.

Thanks for reading!




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