El Calafate (or Don´t Give Alex Anything with 4 Wheels or Legs)

28 01 2007

Today, we began to make our way into El Calafate – a small Argentinian town from which we´ll begin our glacier hike tomorrow. On the Argentinian border, we managed to hit a car that parked behing our truck. Our driver didn´t see him in the mirrors, so he kind of bumped it when we were backing out. Fortunately, that was resolved within an hour or so.


The truck also broke down a bit in the desert. Our accellerator cable fell of, but it wasn´t anything a bit of rubber couldn´t fix.

When we got into town, we settled in a hostel (finally!) and went out to explore the city.

First thing we saw were ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles). Within 30 minutes, me, Alex and our guide were on the vehicles making our way out of the city.

We spent about an hour and a half riding in the sand dunes and off-the-road. It was a bit difficult to operate at first, as the ATVs were manual, so we had to get used to switching speeds on the go.

It was a lot of fun. There were some pretty steep hills, so it was always a challenge to see if the ATV will be able to make it up (or down). Alex managed to fall off once after hitting a shrub, but fortunately he landed on a prickly bush which softened it. So aside from taking out needs out of his a*s for the next hour, it was all good.



Towards the end, our guide took us to a local airport, so we were able to put the ATVs to the speed test on really smooth flat surface.

Anyways, the Internet place is closing down really soon, so there is no chance to upload the pictures, but I´´ll try to do it soon.

Tomorrow, we got a full day glacier hike – from 8am to 6pm, so I´ll try to post an update about that tomorrow night too.




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12 02 2009

Klassnye fotki! ~.~

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