Just Fundue It!

19 01 2007

I´m gong to start describing this day from the evening because I feel it was quite something special.

Almost our entire group went to the local Argentinian restaurant recommended by our tour guide.

We were informed that the restaurant (as well as all of the Bariloche) specializes in Fundue. Never have tried it before, we have decided to give it a whirl and ordered all of the fundues they had on the menu – cheese, meat and chocolate. For those that don´t know what fundue is, it´s kind of like a big pot of melted stuff in which you dip other stuff.

Man, oh man, we´ve ate before, but this was just really out of this world.

We got the cheese fundue first. It was a big pot of melted cheese over a burning stove. Along with it, came a number of different dippers (stuff to dip into the cheese), like little potatoes, mushrooms, cheese, etc. Dipped in cheese, it was just spectacular.


As if that wasn´t good enough, along came the meat fundue. That pretty much consisted of a special sauce in a pot, along with 6 different additional sauces on the side and small cubes of argentinian beef. There is a reason why it´s called the best beef in the world. It just melts in your mouth. The sauces were also so good that after the meat was gone, we just dipped whatever else was on the table into them.

And to top it all off, came a big pot of melted chocolate with several kinds of fresh fruit on the side, like strawberries, bananas, peaches, grapes and so on. That was so damn good that at the end, we just poured the remaining chocolate in our cups and drank it.

I generally don´t go into such details to describe a meal, but it was truly some of the best food I´ve ever had. Plus, we had a great time for the entire 3-4 hours just sitting around the table – talking and laughing.


The meal wound up to be under $25 per person… what would´ve been easily been about a $100 each in New York.

After we were done, we came out on the street. It was filled with people and had a live band playing some spanish tunes. It was very fun to watch, but unfortnately, the wrapped up after 2 songs, so we had to move on.

The bulk of the group went into a bar (we have some Irish with us – what can I say), but after spending a few minutes there, me, Alex and 2 other guys decided to take a walk through the city and later catch a can ride home.

That actually wound up to be very entertaining, as our cabbie turned out t be a phycho. He was tailgating behind other cars as if we were rushing to a hospital with a pregnant lady on board that just went into labor. He was so close to them that it felt he just was about to nudge them to get them to go faster. Alex was also getting a bit rowdy in the car (all that wine at dinner), but all in all, it was a fun ride and we got back to the camping ground all in 1 piece.

The actual day was really good, as well. We went for a 3 hour hike in the morning through the local woods. It wasn´t anything too spectacular, but we worked up a good sweat and enjoyed the scenery.

Later on that day, me, Alex and 2 other people rented 2 kayaks and went kayaking in the lakes of Argentina – particularly in the one called ¨Nahuel Huapi¨ :).


That was also really enjoyable, although we almost had a little accident when I was steering.

We accidently got to close to the side of the lake where there was a lot of trees. Alex was ahead of me (being in the back is the best, since the person in the front can´t really see if you are steering or not) and we got too close to the branches. He had to duck to pass one, but I decided to grab it and push against it to go backwards. Unfortunately, I forgot to inform him, so the branch almost hit him in the back of the head.

All in all, it was quite a nice day. We´re getting used to the camping lifestyle (spending about 10 nights in a row camping) – no showers, carrying your own toilet paper, etc.




2 responses

20 01 2007

That fondue sounds yummmilicious, we should get a special fondue pot and try to recreate the experience at home…except with vanilla 🙂

27 01 2007

Babe, You got it!

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