And we go, and we go, and we go…

18 01 2007

The last few days consisted primarily of driving through Argentina.

Our adventurous driver, Dan, decided to take the dirt roads to Bariloche and even though that increased the duration of the trip, it provided for some great experiences.

The dirt roads in Argentina are quite something. They go through the mountains for miles and miles, going up, going down and many times are very fun to drive through.


One of the interesting parts was going through many of the bridges we encountered. Most of them are small, wooden bridges and our 20-ton truck was always challenged when we tried to make over them.




A number of times, we had to go directly through the river as we thought that the bridge would not be able to handle us. It was quite something, going through the water and the rocks and winding up on the other side.

The only alternative would be to turn back and waste many hours driving back and then regaining the distance all over again.

Many other times, the incline and the slope of the roads left us wondering how the hell this truck is even able to pull that off. The turns were sharp, with trees or a mountain on either side, and required extreme agility in order to make them.

We spent the night off the side of the road in the middle of nowhere… right on the side of a little river.


Me and Alex actually found a wooden raft that somebody built and left earlier and we added a little more wood to it and then attempted to sail down the stream. The result was somewhat successful. We ultimately left the finished product for the next batch of visitors that will want to continue our voyage.

We cooked some pretty amazing steaks for dinner and just spent the evening in front of a fire talking to each other. One Danish couple that is on the trip (2 doctors in their late twenties-early thirties) actually told us that they visited Gomel´many times when they were in school (birthplace of Julia and my mom) – such a small world.


I had to constuct a toilet in the woods, which consisted of digging a deep hole, putting two wooden brevna on the 2 sides and then enjoying my creation. With a little bit of creativity, anything is possible.


We later wound up sleeping under the open sky in our sleeping beds. It was really cool to lay there and look at the starry sky. It´s really nothing like I´ve ever seen before. Just thousands upon thousands of stars. Of course, when the fire died down and I woke up at 6am in a wet sleeping bag (from the morning dew), the romance of the situation was gone… but it was a cool experience nevertheless.

Tonight, we have reached Bariloche, Argentina and have stopped in a camping ground called ¨Camp Petunia¨. It´s a pretty nice place, although a bit far away from the town. We´ll be staying here for 3 nights until we go back to cross into Chile for the ferry.

Additional details and pictures will follow soon.




4 responses

18 01 2007


Did you know that Anya’s dad, grandma and uncle are from Gomel’ too?

Boba, I wish you to get to the “civilization” (aka, toilet) as soon as possible.


20 01 2007

Thanks for the pic of the toilet you built. My day is complete now LOL.

21 01 2007

was that picture taken before you used the toilet or after?

27 01 2007



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