Living In The Wild

14 01 2007

Our current campsite reminds me a little bit of KSP. When me and Alex returned last night to our tent, we had to walk through a few dozen other tents, pass by a few tables with people drinking and listening to music, etc. – very similar, except that the people aren´t Russian and that there is a BYOTP (bring your own toilet paper policy) here. As a matter of fact, it applies to most places in Chile. While the bathrooms are typically clean, you are supposed to bring your own TP whereever you go. Moreover, you can´t throw it in the actual toliet, as their septic system can´t handle it. So, typically, they have a garbage bin next to the toilet where you are supposed to throw it in. Go figure.

The night was pretty uneventful. My super-duper four seasons sleeping bag actually sucks, cause it´s too damn hot. I kept waking up in cold sweat because of it, but as soon as you open it, it becomes too cold. The climate here is pretty weird – when the sun is out, it´s warm. But as soon as it goes down, you better watch out as it becomes very, very cold.

Our first activity for the day was hydro-speeding. As I mentioned earlier, it´s similar to white water rafting, except without the boats. Instead, you are given a plastic boogie board and you are expected to hold on for your dear life.









Basically, we went up for a class 3-4 rapid where we geared up in wet suits (since the water is super cold) and went down the river. The actual experience is very intense. The board can overturn quite easily and when you go up and down on large waves, you find yourself gasping for air during the few seconds of calmness.

We had a few guides with us that screamed to us where to go in order to avoid the bigger rocks, but it was pretty difficult to control yourself against the fast stream.

During the trip we stopped a few times and the guide told us stuff like: ¨OK, we are reaching the big rapid. Try to go in between the large rocks and as soon as you get through, go left as fast as possible. There is a large hole in the river and it wouldn´t be good to fall in.¨

All in all, all 7 of us (people that went ) wound up OK… just with a few minor bruises. I don´t know if they have this stuff in the U.S., but it´s definitely worth trying.

After we got back, me and Alex came out for dinner in a local restaurant. OK, it may not be complete wilderness, but hey… we got to deal with whatever life throws our way.

Following that, we went to the local beach and rented a pair of jet skiis (OK, I know I know… it´s to luxurious for a trip in the Amazon jungles) and rode on the lake for a while. No falls and any other traumas to report here, but overall, a cool experience.


I will try to upload a few pictures right now and will post again tomorrow after our climb on the volcano.




6 responses

14 01 2007

wow, that beach looks really cool, the sand is so dark…but the hydro-speeding people in the picture remind me of those guys dressed like big fruit in the “fruit of the loom” commercials 🙂
will you take a picture of the inside of the bubbling hot volcano? …for those of us not as brave as you boo 🙂

14 01 2007

wow bring your own toilet paper huh? Id imagine youd probably run out by now… so how are you getting by??? the hydrospeeding looks scary as hell! Id love to see actual pictures of you doing it tho. Good luck on the volcano!!

15 01 2007
Alexander The Great

Hydrospeeding definitely sounds like fun. Wow… i betcha it beats water rafting. Plus you are on your own and what if you hit the rock? I mean you are wearing a helmet but still.

Volcano looks crazy. How far up are you going to go?

15 01 2007

Now that I think about it.. toilet paper policy could save us a few bucks at home….

15 01 2007


Sorry to dissapoint you, but I didn´t see the crater 😦


If you hit a rock, well… it sucks.


15 01 2007


don’t hit your head too much, I need you in operational condition when you get back 😉

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