Update on Alex

12 01 2007

I spent the last hour trying to figure out what happened to Alex.

Using Skype, I managed to get iun touch with Lan Peru – the airline he was supposed to be flying from Cusco, Peru to Santiago, Chile.

They weren´t able to provide me with a lot of information since the flight was registered through American Airlines and used a paper ticket, which they said is hard to track.

However, they did tell me that there was a change in the reservation nd that he left from Cuzco yesterday early morning. There is another stop in Lima before Santiago, so it´s possible that he got held up there.

I also noticed that his original flight left 40 minutes earlier that it was supposed to, so perhaps that´s why he was late to it.

Either case, I´ll keep you posted.




4 responses

12 01 2007

Hi Boris … hope you’ve found Alex by now. Also hope that ice cream, green soup and “really good chicken” you had hasn’t disrupted your digestive tract yet hehehe. Good work on bypassing the tourist trapping couple … yes, the subways are really kept that clean – makes you wonder about so-called American civilization, doesn’t it LOL? Take care.

12 01 2007

Hi Borya!

Nice to see you join me in the forays into personal blogging. So far pretty cool, I cant wait until you get to all the fun stuff, like the volcano and hydrospeeding. A few questions: What exotic mind-altering drugs can you buy from the crew? Who the hell is Alex, your bro?

12 01 2007
Alexander the Great

Mda interesting…

I especially like the part regarding the tour guide and the driver who is doing the route for the first time. W/e happens borya think about the magazine – it will give you strength to fight angry and hungry monkeys.

I was looking over the route and I have realized that ur practically going to be crossing 1/3rd of South America. => It’s a good thing that you are taking pictures. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of those picturesque views.

Also, the driver can call that thing a “truck” but we all know that’s it’s nothing more than a bus!!! The bastard is just after the beer.

Regarding the drugs… hmm borya, make sure the driver doesn’t take LSD. Or he might decide that the “truck” is actually a “jet” and then all hell will break loose.


14 01 2007

Frances, You know, my digetstive system is feeling better here than it did in New York.

Tolik, Alex is my cousin. All these years and you still don´t know my family tree?

Sania, is Zhenka subjecting you to the music? I´m sorry… really.

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