Brief Introduction to The Trip

9 01 2007

Before I left, I wanted to give everyone a little introduction to the trip.

 I am traveling with a company called which means something about travel in African. We got a group of about 16 people as far as I know.

We’ll be travelling in a very cool truck made for these kinds of travels:

It’s pretty much self sufficient which means that it carries food, water, gas, tents, and a ton of other stuff along with us, so we can be on our own for a while.

The trip takes place in Chile (bulk of the time) and Argentina where we’ll be travelling through a region called Patagonia.

If anyone is particularly interested, you can refer to our Tour Dossier so you can track where we are (roughly). I’m leaving on Wednesday, Jan. 10th at 7pm and will be back on Friday, Feb. 2nd at 6am.

Everyone – I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog. I will try to post pictures and comments as I go along, so feel free to comment yourself.

See you soon!




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