Two Days Till Launch

8 01 2007

Whew. Just spent the last 2 hours trying to pack three weeks worth of stuff into an 80-liter backpack.

The funny thing is that this particular one is twice as big as the one that I ordered originally. The first one was tiny, so as soon as I heard that my cousin had a bigger one, I just had to outdo him… and did.

But alas, even this monster-of-a-bag has limits. As soon as I put my sleeping bag inside, I realized that the amount of available space decreased by 43.2%. Looks like I will be forced to make tough decisions, such as a sleeping bag or an extra sweater, MP3 player or a one more pair of socks… that player better come in handy in the jungle.

 Anyways, surprisingly enough, my stuff does not amount to all that much. So, either I’m a really good planner or I will run out of something pretty damn soon.

Here’s a picture of 85% of what I’m taking: My Crap. and here’s my actual gear: backpack, sleeping bag and mattress. And here is me putting the crap and gear in the bag.

On a side note, today began the first dose of the malaria pills. They said that if I don’t vomit within an hour, I should be ok. Well, fortunately, so far so good.




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